Sunday, September 21, 2008

How to burn a DVD

The movie and home video industries continue to search for what they deem to be acceptable ways to let consumers duplicate and watch DVD content on their computers. But the results of their efforts are often clumsy and painfully unusable. Most of us know that DVD stands for digital video disc. Most of us might not know that just like a CD can be copied or burned to, so can a DVD.

One very important thing to know before you go and try to burn a DVD is to know what kind of DVD you will need for whatever project you have going on! There are a few types of DVD types you can burn. Depending on the type of DVD, will usually determine the process in which you burn it. Three of the most common DVD’s are Data DVD’s, multimedia Files to a DVD and making copies of DVD’s.

The easiest of the three is to burn normal everyday data. Reason being that regular data such as documents, spreadsheets, database files, etc only require general DVD burning software and you do not require any other kind of decryption or region software.

Burning media files is almost the same as burning regular data but larger in size of course. With today’s features and tools on computers, it is very easy to burn multimedia data in a very short time with little effort. They could be video captured from your camcorder or your digital camera. Or it can even be files downloaded from the Internet. A lot of folks love to record their VHS tapes to DVD so they don’t have to go out and repurchase the same movie in DVD format.

Usually when you purchase a new computer machine DVD burning software already comes installed and configured for your machine and DVD burner. Just open up your DVD burner software, choose to burn a DATA DVD and follow the system prompts and you are off. A full length DVD usually takes up 20 minutes to burn and even much faster for high speed burners.

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